GmailVault Features

Here’s why you will love GmailVault!

Backup all your email from your Gmail account to your computer.
All the email and attachments that you have collected over the years can now reside locally on your computer or a portable hard disk. There’s still something to be said about having your information close to you. Literally.

Incremental updates allow GMailVault to quickly get up-to-date with your Gmail account.
The first time you use GmailVault, it could take a fair amount of time to backup all the email in your Gmail account. The amount of time will depend on the amount of data in your account and the speed of your Internet connection. If your Internet connection happens to break, don’t worry – GMailVault will resume downloading your email from where it left off, not all over again.

Email updates are incremental in nature. So whenever you run GmailVault, it will sync only the changes since the last run.

Access your email and attachments offline.
You have access to all the email that GmailVault has backed up. No need of an Internet connection, no logging in. Your email and data is with you. Always.

No advertisements loading while viewing email.
Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face :)

Compressed storage to minimize disk space.
Disk space is cheap, but why waste it.

Simple, powerful and blazingly fast search.
Search through your email. Find that elusive message in an instant. Use advanced parameters for pinpoint control. Save complex searches to be run instantly for future use.

Browse and navigate by folders and labels.
Simple, no?

Filter email search results by people.
GmailVault auto-discovers people from your email and allows you to use them to filter your search results.

Restore email back to your Gmail account.
If you accidentally delete some email from your Gmail account, GmailVault let’s you restore it right back into your account.

Drop-dead simple to use.
GmailVault is a local web application that runs on your computer.  The friendly web-based interface makes it usable by everyone (even non-techies, really.) and the Gmail-like feel is the icing on the cake.