GmailVault v1.0.3 released

GmailVault v1.0.3 is released with some important improvements.

1. On MS Windows, GmailVault auto-starts, when a user logs into Windows. Before this release, the browser would open up and display the GmailVault screen. This could get a little annoying, so from this version on, the auto-start of GmailVault happens in the background, without the browser launch. Manually starting GmailVault will launch the browser, and automatically connect to the running instance of GmailVault.

2. There is some enhancement in the handling of Unicode label names.

3. There are significant speed improvements in the downloading and restoring of email.

While GmailVault auto-updates itself, you can also do this manually by going to Settings > Auto updates and click on Check for updates.

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