Have access to your email, even when Gmail is down

Gmail suffered a major outage yesterday. The disruption caused inconvenience to millions of people across the world.

Some of the headlines across the Web said:

You’re Not Crazy: Gmail is Down

Having problems with Gmail today? Don’t worry, it’s not just you

Gmail down: Google confirms Monday disruption

Unfortunately, these things happen.

We like Google, and we like Gmail. But, as is evident, they are not infallible.

The question therefore is: what can a user do minimize disruption in a situation like this?

For communication, a user can have a fallback email service, rely on another Internet channel (Skype, WhatsApp, FB, Twitter, etc.), or simply use another mode, like the good ol’ telephone! Easy.

However, the more challenging issue is having access to relevant data when you need it, a lot of which lies buried in reams of email, in over flowing mail boxes, now unfortunately unreachable for a while. Surmount this challenge with GmailVault!

Don’t procrastinate. Download it now. Start your backup. It’s easy, secure and you’ll sleep better! :)

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