GmailVault v1.0.0 launched

GmailVault v1.0.0 is out.

With this release, we are formally in Production status and out of Beta.

By and large, v1 has a few small tweaks and fixes to the v0.9.x series, which incidentally was already running quite well.

Starting with v1, for new installations on Windows, GmailVault will automatically get added to the Startup (or Autostart) group of programs. This means that when you log in to your machine, GmailVault will automatically start up and begin syncing your email. No more forgetting or manually starting it. (You can of course remove it from the Startup group, if you don’t like this behavior.)

With the release of v1, we also hope make releases for other platforms (Linux, Mac OS X) available soon.

We look forward to your feedback.


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